All SunSmart Pumps come complete with the SunSmart Solar Controller

  1. Convert the single phase DC power from the solar panels three phase DC to power up the motor
  2. Maintain the maximum powerpoint voltage needed to ensure the solar pump runs at peak efficiency




Run your SunSmart solar power pool pump 100% free using solar panels to harvest the sun’s energy. No carbon, no bills!

  • Tier 1 panel
  • All panels have positive tolerance of 0 to 3% or 0 to +5w (‘A’ Grade)
  • Panel warranty – 10 years structural product warranty
  • Panel minimum performance warranty – 90% for 12 years. 80% for 25 years.
  • Mounting frame and clamps – 10 year warranty

Once you have your infrastructure in place (solar panels and associated components), the energy requirements to run your SunSmart solar power pump will be established for the next 30 years (life expectancy of solar panel is 30-40 years).



Mains Powered AC/DC Power Supply

Connect your solar power pump to mains power with our AC/DC power supply to run your water features when entertaining at night. Even on mains power, the SunSmart pump only consumes around one third of the power of conventional pumps. So, run your pump 100% free during the day, and even if you choose to run on-grid at night, it’s saving you money! We have 600 watt and 900 watt models to suit our full range of pumps. Includes a 2 Year Warranty.



Pool filtration and solar pool heating with just one pump!

How would you like to remove two mains-powered pumps from the grid at once? If you have solar pool heating, you most likely have a second mains powered pump. The solar power pool pump is running all day and is at its optimum during the hottest, sunniest time of the day just like the solar pool heating. Our All-in-one package allows you to run both the filtration and the solar pool heating with just the one solar powered pump, saving you even more!

*3 year full warranty followed by 2 year pro-rata warranty