The Solartherm Solar Heating System is designed to provide more advantages as an efficient solar heating solution for your swimming pool and spa.

The Solartherm Panel is enclosed in an Anodised Marine Grade Aluminum Box and covered by a hail resistant Polycarbonate sheet, making it a durable and low maintenance system. Heat losses from the wind are kept to a minimum.

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Water is re-circulated from the pool to the Solartherm Panels by a booster pump. The Solartherm Panels absorb the solar energy from the sun into the water and return the heated water back to the pool, thus raising your pool temperature. A specially designed Solar Controller will activate the booster pump only when there is enough radiant heat from the Sun. This ensures the Systems’ energy efficiency and running cost efficiency.

In addition, the Solar Controller will also ensure the Solartherm Panels will be protected in all seasons of the year. You can also cool your pool by running the system at night to reduce your pool temperature.